Double Social Security Payment Announced for Next Week – Boost for Retirees

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Next week, some people will receive double Social Security payments if they qualify for two specific programs. Every month, the Social Security Administration (SSA) gives benefits to retired workers, survivors, disabled individuals, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries.

Understanding Payment Schedule

The SSA follows a structured payment schedule:

  • SSI Payments: July 1st
  • SSDI Payments: July 3rd (for those claiming benefits before May 1997)

This month, individuals eligible for both SSI and SSDI may receive a double payment.

Who Qualifies?

Receiving benefits from one program doesn’t mean you can’t get benefits from another. You might qualify for both SSDI and SSI if:

  • You became unable to work early in your career.
  • You worked in low-wage jobs.
  • You didn’t work full-time in the ten years before your disability.

Income and Resource Limits

For SSI eligibility:

  • Monthly Countable Income: Up to $1,767 for individuals or $2,607 for couples.
  • Resource Cap: $2,000 for single people and $3,000 for married couples.

Payment Dates

Beneficiaries will receive benefits on these dates:

  • Monday, July 1: SSI beneficiaries
  • Wednesday, July 3: SSDI recipients (before May 1997)
  • Wednesday, July 10: Birth dates from July 1 to 10
  • Wednesday, July 17: Birth dates from July 11 to 20
  • Wednesday, July 24: Birth dates from July 21 to 31

Application Denials

If your application for double Social Security payments is denied, you can request reconsideration or an ALJ hearing.


Can I get both SSI and SSDI benefits?

Yes, if you meet specific criteria for each program.


What are the income limits for SSI eligibility?

Up to $1,767 per month for individuals.

How can I appeal a denial for double payments?

Request reconsideration or an ALJ hearing for review.


What if I exceed the resource limits for SSI?

You might not qualify for benefits.

When will I receive double payments?

Eligible recipients will receive them on specific dates in July.


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