Dog Adoption Application

    Applicant must be 21 to adopt.

    Home At Last Humane Society reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone who fails to comply with their policies. Failure to provide correct information may warrant adoption denial. I hereby give permission to Home At Last Humane Society to contact my veterinarian to obtain information about past and present pets. I also authorize Home At Last Humane Society to verify the below listed information:

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    Please note that Home At Last Humane Society does not adopt to outside only homes. Your new dog should be part of the family and therefore able to be inside the house.

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    Please understand that Home At Last Humane Society is not a veterinary clinic and that this animal may be harboring a medical condition which is not apparent during its stay at the shelter. Should such a condition become apparent after adoption, you assume full responsibility for any related veterinary care. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the free office visit included in the adoption, within two (2) weeks of adoption. By clicking the submit button below, you have stated that all information on this application is true to the best of your knowledge. Home At Last Humane Society has the right to refuse an adoption if it is found that information stated on the application has been falsified. Once approved you will have the one time option to put the animal "on hold" for 24 hours for a $25 fee. This gives you the chance to come meet the animal and so no one else can adopt the animal in the meantime. The $25 fee for the hold is nonrefundable but will go towards your adoption should you adopt.

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