Cat Adoption Application

    Applicant must be 21 to adopt.

    Home At Last Humane Society reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone who fails to comply with their policies. Failure to provide correct information may warrant adoption denial. I hereby give permission to Home At Last Humane Society to contact my veterinarian to obtain information about past and present pets. I also authorize Home At Last Humane Society to verify the below listed information:

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    Please note that Home At Last Humane Society does not adopt to outside only homes.

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    I understand that I may not declaw any cat I adopt from Home At Last Humane Society, at any time. Doing so will result in the breaking of the adoption contract, and Home At Last Humane Society may take any appropriate action for the welfare of the animal as noted in the adoption contract. I understand that this potentially debilitating procedure may lead to behavior problems. If I have any problems with my cat scratching, I will turn to Home At Last Humane Society and my veterinarian for assistance to resolve the problem effectively and humanely, without resorting to surgical declawing or a tendonectomy. I am aware that Home At Last Humane Society has examined this cat, provided preventive medical care, and disclosed in writing all known medical issues. I understand that all animals can carry and transmit disease, some of which may affect other animals and/or people and that these diseases may be undetectable in what appears to be a healthy cat at the time of adoption. I understand that my new cat may have been exposed to contagious diseases such as ringworm and feline upper respiratory infection, and that these conditions are usually highly treatable. I understand that Home At Last Humane Society does test for feline leukemia or feline aids, I accept this cat as AS IS at the time of adoption, taking responsibility for the cat’s care and well-being, including all medical care which may be necessary after the time the cat is released into my care. I understand that Home At Last Humane Society is not responsible for any medical conditions not detected prior to the time of this adoption. I understand that I should keep my new cat isolated from other pets for a minimum of seven (7) days. My signature below indicates that I agree with the previous statement and the information contained in this application is true and no falsifications have been made.

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