1964 Kennedy Half Dollar: The Coin Worth Up to $26,500

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Are you interested in collecting rare coins? If so, the 1964 Kennedy half dollar might catch your attention. These coins can be worth up to $26,500, making them highly desirable for collectors. Let’s explore what makes these coins so special and valuable in the world of numismatics.

The Historical Value of the Kennedy Half Dollar

Why These Coins are Special

The 1964 Kennedy half dollar has significant historical importance:

  • Tribute to JFK: These coins were minted shortly after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, serving as a tribute to his legacy.
  • High Silver Content: Unlike later coins, the 1964 half dollars contain 90% silver, making them valuable.
  • First Year of Issue: As the first year these coins were minted, they are rarer and more sought after.

Condition and Rarity

Factors Affecting Value

The value of a 1964 Kennedy half dollar depends on several factors:

  • Mint Mark: Coins from specific mints may be more valuable.
  • Condition: Coins in excellent condition, without wear and tear, are more valuable.
  • Historical Provenance: Coins with unique stories or histories can fetch higher prices at auctions.

Some 1964 Kennedy half dollars have been sold for over $25,000, showing their potential worth.


Market Demand

Popularity Among Collectors

The 1964 Kennedy half dollar remains popular among collectors. Despite the large number of coins minted—over 429 million—the high demand keeps their value high. Many people bought these coins as keepsakes after Kennedy’s tragic death, preserving them for decades.

Coin Characteristics

Details About the Coins

These coins were minted in both Philadelphia and Denver, with the Denver coins often marked with a “D.” Even with minor imperfections, some of these coins are still worth more than their face value.


According to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), here are the potential values for a 1964-D Kennedy half dollar based on its condition:

  • MS-40: $14
  • MS-60: $17
  • MS-63: $24 – $26
  • MS-64: $30 – $38
  • MS-65: $52 – $75
  • MS-66: $150 – $325
  • MS-67: $575 – $2,500
  • MS-68: $26,500

Professional Advice

Getting Your Coin Evaluated

If you own a 1964-D Kennedy half dollar and are unsure of its value, it’s a good idea to consult with a coin dealer or a professional collector. They can help you determine the coin’s worth and whether you might be able to make a profit from it. Each coin has unique characteristics that can affect its value.


The 1964 Kennedy half dollar is not just a piece of metal; it’s a piece of history. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to numismatics, these coins offer a fascinating glimpse into the past and can be a valuable addition to any collection. Happy collecting!

What makes the 1964 Kennedy half dollar special?

It was minted shortly after JFK’s assassination, contains 90% silver, and was the first year of issue.


How much can a 1964 Kennedy half dollar be worth?

Depending on its condition, it can be worth anywhere from $14 to $26,500.

What factors affect the value of these coins?

Mint mark, condition, and historical provenance can all influence the coin’s value.


Their historical significance and silver content make them highly sought after.

How can I find out the value of my 1964 Kennedy half dollar?

Consult a coin dealer or professional collector for an accurate evaluation.


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